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Advantages of Yea Finance

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Transparency and clarity.


Not under the supervision of anyone


Limit risks to participants

Fast speed

Blockchain's processing speed is fast, convenient, anytime, anywhere.

What is an Yea ?

Decentralized lending platform 4.0

Yea Finance is a decentralized lending platform, using cross-borrowing protocols, linking loan platforms. Use blockchain technology to solve financial problems. Yea Finance will replace traditional finance in the future.

Yea Token will be listed: Vindax, Uniswap, Hotbit, …


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Q3 2020
ICO launch
- Vindax - Hotbit - Uniswap - Digifinex
Q2 2021
Launch decentralized lending App
Loan, mortgage, swap, cross-lending platform
Q3 2021
Marketing campaign
YEA advertising in many digital media
Q4 2021
Make a development strategy
Make a development strategy Make YeaFinance to global.

Token Distribution

YEA is the token of the Yea Finance platform, the token is the ERC20 protocol that is run on the Ethereum Blockchain



Yea Team

Our team consists of many experienced financial experts and blockchain experts.


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We always want to hear from you.

Yea Finance

Defi 4.0

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